Monday, February 27, 2017

My Blog business card

I had a fun weekend.  On Saturday night I was out to dinner with my best friend MaryAnn.  We’ve known each other since we were kids.  Been through everything together.  So nothing I do out in public embarrasses her.

I created a business card to advertise my blog.  And I pass it out any chance I get.  I put them in the folders when I pay the bill at a restaurant.  Well on Saturday we were at Biggies on Watson (good food and fun atmosphere).  So behind us was a table of people.  One guy and several girls.  He was telling his story about his being the “Rebound guy”.  Meaning the girls he meets they are on the rebound and he ends up there.  Anyway I thought this was a good opportunity to give out one of my cards.  When we paid our bill I went to his table.  I said I couldn’t help but hear his Rebound Guy story.  I gave him my card and said you have to read my online dating blog.  It is funny and I think he would enjoy it.  I told him I also had a you tube channel and my interview with Channel 5.  He was so nice.  He asked if I was on facebook and I said I was.  He said he would friend me. 

Anyway, if I was with my 17 year old daughter she would have been embarrassed and ran out the door without me.  LOL!!  But not MaryAnn.  She got a kick out of it.  I couldn’t tell if he was wearing a ring or not and if he was I do apologize.  I in no way want to come between him and his girl.  But his story made me laugh and I love sharing my card and stories with everyone.

I am having more cards printed up.  I also order a dozen pens with my online blog on it to pass out her and there.  I want to have a t-shirt made too so I can wear it out and be advertisement for my blog. 

I think when you are out and you see a guy you think you’d like to get to know, you should be able to walk up to them and talk to them.  It’s the 21st century so I believe women can make the first move.  I think guys would be flattered.  Guys:  What do you think?

My next post will be a list of my tips for your online dating profiles.  I posted a couple in my earlier blogs but will put them together and add some more.  Of course, these are just my suggestions.  J

Lastly for tonight, this Friday begins the fun Fish Fry season in St. Louis.  Not sure how other cities are but the fish fries in Lent are huge here.  I want to put in a plug for the one I work at every Friday.  St. Cecilia’s Mexican Fish Fry.  Besides the usual fish dishes they offer Chili Relleno, Cheese Quesadilla and Bean Tostada.  They also have a tamale cart that goes around while you are in line (and the lines are long).  They also have pico de gallo and the best Margarita’s (so I’m told).  All Mexican dishes are made by the wonderful Mexican community at St. Cecilia’s.  The school kids doing Mexican dancing through the night and a strolling Mariachi band is there as well.  It’s a fun time.


Friday, February 17, 2017

So what happened today!

Okay, so today I had a new guy contact me on POF.  We exchanged 2 messages and then he asked about my luck on the site.  So I told him.  A minute later he blocked me.  SCAMMER ALERT!!!        

But the other day after my interview I received a facebook message from a guy.  It's not just the guys going after women to scam them, women also are doing the same.  I got his permission to share his story but I won't use his name.

"It's just as I said before., I go on trying to find someone because eharmoney completely failed me. I get one person in my inbox that was interested in me for what they claimed was who I was. They claimed to be a descendant of royalty that's been cast off for whatever reason (or might not have) but they make a living traveling and selling what they buy back here in the states. After a week or so of talking she said she needed help (this was back before I knew about this kind of scam) and wanted me to transfer funds to her so she could get through customs and if she didn't she would be forced to be homeless and whatnot. I took the stimulus they sent to everyone that qualified at the time to the nearby money transfer place and when they asked what I was doing with it they refused to transfer for me explaining why. I told her I couldn't and she basically begged me till I said no...that was the last I heard from her....2 weeks later or so I get matched again with someone and when I message them back I get the same starting conversation as before and I told them kiss my ass."

Thank you friend for allowing me to share this story.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Today's story

So today while I was at work my co-worker Sharon showed me a guy on Plenty of Fish.  He sounded cool.  Looking for someone bubbly (me), sense of humor (me), positive person (me).  So I looked him up and sent him a message.  We sent a few short messages to each other.  I mentioned about my interview and he said awesome.  Then says “I love sex.”  I laughed.  I sent him a note back “Thanks but no thanks.”  Click send and then blocked him.  LOL!!!  At least he wasn’t military.  (At least I don’t think he was).

I did have a nice chat with another guy.  He was getting ready to meet someone who he was really interested.  He asked how I was doing on the site.  I told him about all the liars etc.  He said he had the same.  I mentioned my blog and my interview.  End of conversation

So this morning I get message from him.  He saw me on the news last night.  He said he said he thought this was great that I was doing this.  And said a few other nice things.  He said he liked the girl he met and he would be removing his profile but wanted to let me know.  That was nice.  He wished me luck.  And I wished him luck too.

My old school friend Pam is trying to get the word out even more about my blog and interview.  She is on a mission to make this go national.  I am trying too.  I am going to update my card a bit this week.  My co-worker Rosa said we should do t-shirts.  I was also thinking about bumper stickers. 

We’ll see.  J

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My interview

Today my interview with KSDK Channel 5 in St. Louis was aired.  It was so exciting.

I am to thank Pat McGonigle for interviewing.  He is such a nice man.

Below is a link to view my interview:

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I am being interviewed!!!

Exciting news!!!!  Every so often I try to publish my blog around different places on facebook and the internet.  Last week, I sent it in a message to KSDK channel 5 St. Louis's facebook page.  The next morning I got a message from them from Pat McGonigle from Today in St. Louis.  We spoke on the phone and he wanted to interview for their show on Valentines Day.  OMG!!!

Well he came to my house on Friday morning and was there over an hour.  He is so nice and I got tell some of my stories about my online dating stories.  I am so excited.  It is supposed air this Tuesday at 6 am sometime during the hour show.  I am hoping they put a link on their web page so I can share it here for everyone to see.

Thanks for reading my blogs and continue reading.  Love you all!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Happy 2017

Sorry I haven't posted lately.  I have more stories.  Are you really surprised?  :)

A friend of mine has called this a sport for me now.  Spotting them just gets easier and easier.  I have about 3 more fake military guys.

Had one last week, not sure he was military, he sent me a message on plenty of fish.  I read it and he just sounded too good to be true.  So I responded back with a short message:  "Thank you for the lovely compliments.  The picture of you and your daughter is precious.  Are you for real or are you a scammer?"  Yes I did send that message.  The next day I checked on POF and guess what?  He blocked me.  SCAMMER ALERT!!!

A scammer got caught - click on the link and read the article