Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Part 2 of tonight's conversation

Here is the continued conversation.  Interesting how he tries to explain himself.

Sam:  S: Have you got back now. or you still busy now ? 

PATSY:  Hello


SAM:   opez: I think you have go and pick your daughter now


PATSY:  I already did.  My pies are cooking in the oven


SAM:  : Oh that's very  great   I hope is your daughter doing well ?

PATSY: she is.  some of her friends are over

PATSY so what time is where you are?

SAM:  Thank God

PATSY do you have a picture of you in your uniform?


SAM:  : Yes, I have it  and do you also have  pictures of you ?

PATSY:   All of my pictures are on POF

SAM:  : Oh okay

PATSY:   Send me one of yours in your uniform.  You know us girls can't resist a man in uniform


SAM:  : I am about to put on my uniform and take some of me out side in our base and send to you now..

SAM:  : Can't you also take some with your phone and send to me here

PATSY:  so will they do anything special for you all tomorrow?  (Actually it is tomorrow for you already). 


SAM:  : It was morning here now.. and what says your time there also now ?


PATSY: It is 9:10 p.m. here. 


SAM:  : Oh I see

SAM:  : anything special like what do you think ?

PATSY:  Don't you know what tomorrow is?


SAM:  : I know that tomorrow is Thanks Giving  right

PATSY: Yes.  Do they make a special meal for you all?

PATSY: Does your family live in St. Louis?  Do you have any brothers or sisters?


SAM:  : Yes, they did but not that much special like yours but is cool


SAM:  : I have lost whole of my family. so now I am alone


PATYS: Can I ask you a question?


SAM:  : Yes, please you can ask me anything you want

PATSY:  Are you really in the army?  Your story sounds like seven others I've heard on POF.  I don't like guys posing as our hard working military.

SAM:  Of course. I am in the Army since my kid time till now.

SAM:  : I hate lies and games in my life.

 SAM:  : sometimes some people pretend trying to spoil our working name.. 

SAM:  : I think you have to be very careful for yourself.

sam • 9 mins

The way you write doesn't sound like an American.

SAM:  : Is not allowed for us to even joined any online dating site...

SAM:  : Yes, my I was born in Italy and grow up in Fenton.

SAM:  : I am not much perfect in English..

PATSY:  But your name is Hispanic and not italian


SAM:  : It was Italian.. Lopez was a Latino name


( What high school did you go to here?

SAM: Fenton High School in Bensenville IL

SAM:  : And you ?

SAM:  : The network is very bad

 ( St. MAry's


SAM:  : Oh that's very good

 ( Where is Bensenville?  I thought you from Fenton, MO


SAM:  : I want a serious honest person who is truthful to build a Trust issues with and  share the rest of my life with.

SAM:  : Yes,that was Louis


Are you kidding me? 8 guys who pretend to be in the army!!!

Okay, since I last posted I've had several more guys claiming to be in the army.  OMG!!!
Well today's guy, and this was one I messaged first on POF.  We sent a few messages back and forth and then asked about a chat place so I told him about Google hangout.  So we went there and exchanged messages.  These guys need to come up with new stories.  Well this time I got google hangout on my laptop and I copied the conversation to share it.  Here it is...

[November 23, 2016 at 6:32:56 PM UTC-6] sam lopez: SAM:  Hi Pastsy

sam • 6:32 PM  ( PATSY:  Hello. And it's Patsy.   ( So what do you do for a living?

[November 23, 2016 at 6:34:40 PM UTC-6] sam lopez: SAM:  I am  U.S Army and you are?

( PATSY:  I am a secretary. Thank you for your service.

[November 23, 016 at 6:36:18 PM UTC-6] sam lopez: SAM:  That's very good  working too.  [November 23, 2016 at 6:36:36 PM UTC-6] sam lopez: So for how long you have been working as Secretary so far?

 ( PATSY:  Since I was 18.   ( What do you do in the army.

SAM:  I am into Mechanical/Computer Engineering. That's my MOS,I am also an E-9 Sergeant Major. That's my rank..I work in the Senior department of the Military..

I'm  Samuel  Morrison Lopez  , a nice and easy going person with an open wild heart. Tolerating, understanding and jovial.
I've been a Single for 6 yrs now. I have 1 beloved Son  who is 15 yrs old of age name call by Micheal the  source of my happiness

 ( PATSY:  I have a daughter. I read on your profile that you're a widow. What happened to your wife

[November 23, 2016 at 6:43:30 PM UTC-6] sam lopez: SAM:  That's good and how old is your daughter.

[November 23, 2016 at 6:43:54 PM UTC-6] sam lopez: My wife had a car accident

 ( PATSY:  I am so sorry. So where are you stationed.

 ( I can't chat too much longer. I have to bake 2 pies for tomorrow.

SAM:  I work in the US Army as a peace keeping soldier. Even at this moment of being in communication with you, am on a mission with my troops here in Afghanistan now. We've been here 4 months 2 weeks now and will be out back to the STATE in 8 weeks times because am working on my retirement papers.
( PATSY:  Where do you plan to retire. Your profile says you in Fenton.

 ( Who takes care of your son while you're deployed.

[November 23, 2016 at 6:48:45 PM UTC-6] sam lopez: SAM:  Yes, Fenton is where I was grow up.but I about to relocate myself in anywhere I could found my real soul mate to share the rest of my life with.

[November 23, 2016 at 6:50:55 PM UTC-6] sam lopez: My Son is in boarding house in UK LONDON.. He  school  teacher's be taking care of him
( I have to go pick up my daughter. We can chat more later (after I make my pies).

SAM:  Oh okay.

[November 23, 2016 at 6:52:40 PM UTC-6] sam lopez: can I no the time we can chat back again  now. because I will be going  to training ground

 These guys really need to write better.  I could tell from the first couple of sentences he wasn't real.   All the message are similar.
I'll be back with more stories.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Last week's scammer

Okay, so here is my story from last week. 

I got a message from a guy on POF and he was cute (they always are).  He sent me a message that he likes my pictures and wanted to get to know me.  He said he was in the Army stationed in Afghanistan and that he was retiring in a month.  Heard that before.  So I messaged him back and asked if he was really in the army or was he yanking my chain.  I told him that I heard from several guys on here who claim to be in the army and really aren’t.  So I waited for his response.  He said why would he have a reason to try lie.  So I gave him a chance but still didn’t believe him.  So I asked where he grew up in St. Louis.  He said he was born in Ohio and moved to St. Louis two years ago.  I asked how what was the time difference between Afghanistan and St. Louis.  I waited and waited.  No answer.  I went back to look at his profile and it was gone.  Actually he probably blocked me.  He didn’t know the time difference obviously because he wasn’t in Afghanistan. 

I’m getting really good at spotting them.  Here are some hints to look for when you get a message from someone who says they are in the Army:

·       As soon as he says he is in the military and on a peace keeping mission, he isn’t really.

·       On their profiles you will only see one picture and they only have no siblings.

·       When you chat with them their parents are already deceased. 

·       When they say they are from St. Louis, ask them what high school they went to.  As you know this is famous St. Louis question.  If they can’t answer that, they aren’t from here and are lying.  But sometime they do their homework give you the name of one that is here.

·       They say they have one child and a family friend or maid is taking care of them.  (Or a nanny).

If you can get a screen shot of their profile so you can post their pictures on the military romance scammers facebook page.  I put that link in a previous posting.

To be continued…

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Web sites you should check out

I found some websites that has been very helpful in seeing if some of these guys are scammers. 

The first one is:

This gives you steps to go through to check people out.  It is free.

 This one you can upload the picture and if they it, it will pop up.  It will also pull up other pictures that are similar.


Here is a facebook page that is all about the military scammers.


This one shows pictures used most frequently in scams:


Plenty of Fish (POF)

Then I moved on to Plenty of Fish (POF). 

I have several POF stories but I have to tell you the one that just happened this week.

So I go through the pictures and profiles and saw a guy who looked cute and had a decent profile.  So I figured what the heck I’ll send a flirt.  He responded back right away and we exchanged several messages over 2 days.  He said he was in the army special forces and right now he was stationed in St. Louis.  He is from Valley Park.  My first question I asked is what high school he went too.  He told me JFK High School.  So I checked and that high school is in St. Louis.  Okay, so that may be true.  As we chatted he mentioned be stationed here and I should have asked where, instead I said oh are you at Jefferson Barracks and he said yes.  My goof there.  Supposedly he has an 8 year old daughter who lives in KC and is being taken of while he is here.  He said his wife was killed in a car accident five years ago.  So a day later he says I should get a google account and get hangout app on my phone and we could message through there, so I finally get it and we exchanged messages.  The next day we messaged and I was still skeptical.  The messages he was sending weren’t making any sense.  I sent him a list of 10 questions and he answers them all.  I asked what he does and he gave a very long and detailed explanation.  I thought well maybe he is who he said he is but he could have gotten all that info on the internet.  Of course the compliments started about how I am the most beautiful thing he has seen in the last years.  During the conversation he asked me 3 times what I was doing.  I told him the same thing every time.  So he sent this message:  “It’s getting late over here, just need to check on the refugees once more, give some report and I’ll talk to you later.”  My eyes lit up.  So I asked him if there were refugees at JB?  He said for now.  I checked and there are none there.  It is the home of the National Guard.  So here is where I nail him in his lies.  This is what I wrote back to him:

“Are you really in St. Louis or are you yanking my chain?  I’m not being rude but I’ve run into a couple of guys on here who say they are in the military and really aren’t.”  He response was:  “omg.  Seriously?”  I respond back:  “Yes, I found first one on a website about this kind of thing.  His picture was there.  I wasn’t hurt or mad.  Just don’t want to waste me time.”  He said ok.  I wrote back that I just want honesty.” 

Guess what?  I never head back from him and this was from a day ago.  And he conveniently blocked me from seeing him POF.  I know this because a co worker has the app and she said she saw him on the day before.

Now I did google him everywhere and nothing came up.

Tip 4:  When you don’t find them on the internet, chances are he is using a fake name.  Everyone who has a smart phone or internet access has their foot print out there.  So if you google and can’t find anything?  It’s a fake name.


The next site I tried is Our Time for people over 50.  I signed up for one month.  The second day I was on it my account got hacked.  Oh great.  So that Monday I was able to get it back by calling the company.  Nothing bad happened.  Our Time noticed something wasn’t right so they shut down my profile.  Kudos to them for catching that.  No personal info is in there so I don’t have to worry.  Just had to change my password.  One bad thing about Our Time is their sight is so slow and has lots of ads. 

I got a message from a guy.  I messaged back.  His profile says he lives in St. Louis but he said he was in Atlanta GA for six months.  He makes jewelry.  He says it takes him all around the world because he personally delivers it.  Hmm.  Suspicious to you?  It was to me.  Of course I googled him and didn’t find anything.  My first suspicion is he was using a fake name.  I could be wrong.  Not likely though.  We exchanged a few more emails and he asked for my phone number.  NOPE!  Not gonna happen.  I had told him about my scammer story and he was eager to talk to me.  He wouldn’t answer any of the questions I asked too.  Okay, scammer.  So I emailed him back and said I wasn’t ready to give out my number and maybe I wasn’t ready for this.  (I can be nice).  He was nice and said he understood.  No more contact since.