Monday, August 14, 2017

A new tip

If you live in Missouri, you can go to to see if the person you met has any legal issues etc.  I am not sure about other states but I know in Missouri you can check it out.

You'll need their first and last night.  But this is a good tool.

Missouri Case Net

Be safe!!!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Taking a break from online dating

Okay, so I decided to take a break from the online dating sites.  I've deactivated my profiles on the 2 sites that I belong too.  I've doing this since last August and decided I need a break. 
Now don't worry I will still blog.  I want to blog about success stories and new tips that I come up with and any more information or research that I find.
The stargatelady isn't going away.  She just wants a break.  :)
So if you have a success you would like to share, let me know and I would love to post it.
We'll all in this to meet someone special.  Someone we can have a good time with and share fun stuff with.  And who knows maybe even fall in love.  You never know.
I plan to continue advertising my blog.  I want to share my stories and make sure no one (man or woman) fall for any scammers.  Learn from what I've learned.
So, keep reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2017

I posted a video!

I really like doing videos.  I think when a person tells you story and you hear them say it. it is much better.  At least I think so.  :)\

Be sure to take my survey if you haven't.

Today's video

Today's contestant on "Try to Fool the Stargatelady" is: Sylvester Muller

Okay I sent a message to this guy.  Of course they want to email.  So here is the first email:

Hello Pasty
How are you doing ? Thank you responding to my  personal email,Sorry for the delay to my respond .My names are Syvester Muller, I 'm a widower as you see in my profile,I have one child her name is Kelly she is 16,I live in Virginia Beach alone with my daughter,My family lives in Miami,lost my dad few years ago. I'm general and optimistic person with a great sense of humor seeking someone to enthrone as my queen,I have been single for three years now, I was Married for 17 years it hurt so bad for you to lost someone you love,well life is such a gift, I'm Self-Employ I'm into oil/Gas distribution and also work contract work for various oil/gas company, I'm open for a long distance relationship i have been through it before with my late wife so i can do it more better. My late wife pass away by cancer it was very painful but such is life, My Birthday is April 19th 1962,I have an accent when I speak ( I was brought up by my father) My mother is Native America,why my father is from French. I'm a mix race as you see I'm such a curious, ambitious, honest, trustworthy, kind, shy, nice, full of humor, express feelings like to joke, like romancing, I have this unique personality about life and general relationships. Life as we know is too short not to be able to enjoy the ones around us. I can always turn a frown into a smile. I enjoy meeting new people. I am educated, intelligent, sincere, very polite, sports oriented, charming, honest and most of all, I have the personality that draws friends and even strangers closer to me. I enjoy being active in all types of indoor and outdoor sports. I especially like the beach, softball, motorcycle riding and fitness training...Anything else you want to know will fall as follow as we get to know one another,tell me about your self,I am going to place my profile page on hold,so that i can concentrate on getting to know you, I will send you some pictures and write more when I hear from you you seem like a real woman.
Your New Friend
First thing that sets me off?  Can you guess?  Yes the spelling of my name.  It's PATSY!!!!!!!!!
Once I got past that the email is the same as the others.  I don't know if they have a club where they all get together and create emails because they are all the same.  But they really need to work on their English.
Okay, here is email #2:
Hello Pasty
How are you doing? Thank you so much for your letter and for introducing your self in such manner, Don't allow distance to be any problem i have done it before when i meant my late wife she was in Akron Ohio and was in Miami with my mother we dated back and front for 4 months before we decided to settled down together and get married, This is all new to me but i believe one thing their is always a first time for everything. All i'm seeking from you is love friendship and honest for us to build our friendship  strong and reliable because relationship is not all about sex,it about love,trust,commitment and happiness,Am very straight forward person,I don't like liars,thief's fighting and yelling ,my favorite color is red,I feel God have brought you and I together,I'm not wanting or looking for just any woman to have sex with don't get me wrong,I love sex i can make love all day when am in love with that person. I believe love making go smoothly when both partner share love between their heart. I need someone that GOD have made for me.I love swimming and shopping but have not done any of all that in a while because i hate doing it alone.I like cars,I have a red BMW Sport ,it a nice car Love it,I do go to church every Sunday I play guitar at my church also my daughter sing for the choir in her church,I like keeping my affair to my self,don't like sharing secret and personal affair between me and my woman outside to friends.
  My spirit tell me you are different, you are the kind of woman I have been praying to meet for all this years of been alone,I have not been a man enough to look for another love.since the passing of my wife, But now is the time to make my self happy and a woman like you happy.I have a lot which I will like you to know about me and for my family to embrace you as their own,because there is this spirit in me that tells me when a woman is fit for me. You may not understand what i mean, but with time i believe you will see it all. I am 100% sincere about getting to know you and giving your my concentration and attention,Because when i came across your profile it was simple for me to understand and you process the potentials i am seeking from a woman,the quality,body structure, so i believe you are my final stop no more searching from the website,Here is my cell phone is  xxxxxxxxxxx  you can call me anytime or send a text message anytime ,Also if you Skype that we be nice as well because it will enable us to see each other and get to know one another.don't forget to respond to this message.
Take Care
Now after the first email I wrote back and corrected him on the spelling of my name.  Obviously he didn't get it and still has my name misspelled.  Oh well.
So from my work phone I called his number and got an actual person's voice mail and it was some foreign guy.  So I hung up.
Now here is the fun part.  My response back to him:
Thanks for the picture. The guy in the picture is really good looking.    Where did you steal it from?   A website?  
I'm no longer interested.  But thanks.  
I can tell from your emails that you're fake and not really that person in the photo. 
Good try though.  Take a hike. 
Perhaps I am too blunt?  Nah!!!!!!!!!
And of course I have a picture and we all know here it will end up now.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Another success story

I met Sally on the Next Door app for our neighborhood.   She sent me a private message and we've chatted several times about the crazy people on dating site.  Below is her success story that she shared with me.
"I met Dave on POF or Plenty of Fish.  We talked a few times and decided to meet for dinner.  I had some medical issues that I told him about before meeting and seemed to accept them.  He told me about his, but after talking to him, I forgot all about those.  We met for dinner and instantly connected.  We laughed and talked and decided to go for a drive to talk some more.  That is when I finally realized he was missing a leg.  Call me the unaware.  We started dating and talking regularly, I was spending weekends with him and really getting to know each other.  I guess you can say I was really falling for him, my feelings ran deep.  When he told me he loved me, the dog and I were playing on the floor and it shocked me.  I looked up and had tears in my eyes, it touched me that deeply.  We loved cooking together, just snuggling together on the couch and we were starting to get me involved in some of his favorite hobbies.  I will never forget the day he looked at me and said “I love you but I do NOT want to get married again.” I was fine with that.  I understood the feelings. 
We were just getting geared up to be a “couple” and have him meet my family and vice versa when he suddenly passed away from a heart attack.  His last words to me were “You make me feel like a King.” I guess I did something right, I made his last days happy. I know he made me happy the entire time we were together."
Thank you Sally for sharing your beautiful story.  I am sure Dave is looking down from heaven and smiling.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Another success story!!! They say timing is everything. It was with Brian and Debby.

They say timing is everything.  It was with Brian and Debby. 

I’ve known Brian since the 80s when we worked together.  After his wife Sue passed away he took time to move on.  When he was ready to date again he decided to join a dating site.  He joined 

He had several dates but no sparks with any of them.  One girl he went out with they met at a parking lot and he drove them to Sikeston to eat at Lammerts (Home of the Throwed Rolls).  As soon as they came back to her car, she couldn’t get out of the car fastest and into her car.  Brian had no idea what was going on.  Like all us in the dating scene you think you’ll never meet anyone.

Then came along Debby.  She messaged him first on Match.  She wasn’t in the age range he was looking for.  She missed the cut off by one year.  But she went ahead and messaged him.  When Brian saw the message, he checked out her picture and profile and was definitely interested.  He couldn’t wait to meet her.

They went out and the sparks were there.  They dated for a while.  Debby her some personal stuff that she didn’t want to burden Brian with so she said they should go their separate ways.  They were a part for a year.  But Brian didn’t give up.  He would send her cards and the occasional text.

Then on New Year’s Day he sent her a text that said, “Wishing you a happy New Year with love and happiness.”  They started texting after that and  it brought them back together and they’ve been together ever since.

During their separation Brian did date but they just weren’t Debby.  He knew she was the one.

When I posted that I was looking for success stories Brian was the first to reply.  Thanks Brian and Debby for sharing your story with me.

This is just the sweetest story and I couldn’t be happier for them.